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SKAGEN Vekst wins Best Global Equity Fund Award in Belgium

SKAGEN Vekst has won the prestigious Belgian Award for outstanding fund performance. SKAGEN Vekst, which invests mainly in the Nordic region and the remainder worldwide, has been awarded best global equity fund over one year*. The fund is managed by Søren Milo Christensen and Sondre Solvoll Bakketun. 

At the end of September 2023, SKAGEN Vekst had delivered impressive three-year annualised EUR returns of 16.3%, 7.2% percentage points ahead of its benchmark index, net of fees.

Søren Milo Christensen, Lead Portfolio Manager of SKAGEN Vekst, commented:

“Since I took over as Lead Portfolio Manager in 2018, the fund's strong returns have been driven largely by good stock selection. Over the past three years, stock picking has led to outperformance in 12 of 13 countries and 8 out of 10 sectors. We are confident that our price-driven approach offers downside protection and should help the fund to continue delivering superior returns for its clients as the fund approaches its 30th anniversary."

*based on returns over one year between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023.


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