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Stock Markets
CIO Update: What recession would mean for stock markets and our funds
30 September 2022

As stock markets continue to slide and sentiment darkens by the day, it is natural to wonder how close we are to the bottom. During periods of market stress, there is often a phase of capitulation before a catalyst for recovery; the collapse of Lehman Brothers followed by Quantitative Easing, for ...

Global Stock MarketsInvestment Philosophy
What fighting inflation means for stock markets
8 September 2022

While investor sentiment remains negative, the longer term opportunities are bright.

Active ManagementEquity Funds
Levi's: a newcomer to the SKAGEN Focus portfolio
30 August 2022

In July, SKAGEN Focus bought into the clothing brand Levi's. The stock is very much one of a kind ...

Investment PhilosophyStock MarketsGlobal Stock Markets
What should investors consider during times of crisis and inflation?
23 August 2022

Following a crisis-rich first half for 2022, we reflect on the nature of crises and the ...

Active ManagementInvestment Philosophy
The five forces driving the resurgence of value stocks
18 August 2022

Foes become friends: How five forces that challenged value stocks are now driving its resurgence.

News from skagen
Changes to SKAGEN Avkastning
18 August 2022

The Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) has approved the proposed amendment to the ...

Clearing the fog of ESG ratings
27 July 2022

Third-party sustainability research is confusing and risky – greater regulation is important but no ...

Real EstateSustainability
The challenges of building a sustainable real estate portfolio
20 July 2022

Ratings, regulation, renovation and valuation can mean it's not always easy being green.

Real Estate
SKAGEN m2: The benefits of being boring
4 July 2022

Despite a challenging start to 2022, the investment case for investing in a conservative and ...

News from skagen
SKAGEN to strengthen the portfolio management team
1 July 2022

Equity analysts Anne Line Kristensen and Espen Klette have been promoted to portfolio managers of ...

Global Stock Markets
SKAGEN Global: Staying Power
29 June 2022

Our global equity fund remains built for the long haul with a resilient portfolio and huge upside ...

Global Stock MarketsMacro Economics
Braced for a bear market: A SKAGEN perspective
17 June 2022

After several jittery weeks, the US benchmark S&P 500 index on Monday entered a bear market. What ...

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