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Under this goal, we include diversity of all kinds, not just gender equality.

SKAGEN wants our workforce to reflect the society we live in and our clients. Employees of all ethnicities, religions and genders should feel included and recognised. In general, organisations in the financial industry have had a predominance of male employees, not least in leadership roles. We work to counteract this. With regard to our guidelines for recruitment, we take concrete measures to increase the diversity of the workforce.

This includes:

  • Using careful vocabulary and openly encouraging people of different backgrounds to apply
  • Encouraging recruiters and headhunters to find female applicants for positions in departments where the majority are men, and vice versa
  • Encouraging both men and women to take full parental leave
  • Following guidelines for equal pay
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We want to give our clients results that are better than average. We therefore need women and men, different religions, and cultural backgrounds, older and younger and people with different education in the team. Our employees must reflect society and our clients. Photo: Bloomberg

In 2021, SKAGEN CIO Alexandra Morris and Turid Solvang in Futureboards, founded the Women in Finance Charter in Norway, based on the similar UK initiative from 2016.

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At SKAGEN, we strive to be a diverse and inclusive company since we are convinced that this will lead to long-term business success. Our Diversity and Inclusion Report for 2020 provides an overview of our work in this important area.

Read the report here

Since 2001, SKAGEN has encouraged more women to actively engage in their own savings and finances.

In our home markets of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, we have arranged and participated in seminars on savings, pensions, and securities. These events have been fully booked and we have received excellent feedback from the participants.

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As of 2020, SKAGEN has signed up to 50/50, an initiative launched in connection with the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Stavanger. This program provides businesses with the tools and guidelines to strategically work towards a more diverse workforce. As a signatory, SKAGEN will commit to reporting on a list of criteria demonstrating progress and openness in terms of diversity.

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SKAGEN is ranked as one of Norway's best when it comes to gender equality in the SHE Index 2020.

Scoring 87 out of 100 points, SKAGEN ranked 12th in 2020. More than 120 organisations participated in the survey.

The SHE Index documents how equal companies actually are, and how to work to improve things. The index measures, among other things:

  • Actual gender balance (board, management, managers, all employees)
  • Differences in pay between women and men
  • Development and recruitment of employees
  • Diversity and inclusion in general
  • Management's efforts to promote better balance and diversity, as well as reporting to the board are important factors in the index.
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