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Client Servicing

At SKAGEN, all institutional clients are allocated their own dedicated client relationship manager with the aim of providing you with the best possible client communication and follow-up.

Use one of the forms below to subscribe, redeem and transfer units between SKAGEN's funds. As an institutional investor, you can subscribe, redeem and transfer units between SKAGEN's funds.

Equity FundsGlobal Stock Markets
SKAGEN Global: Playing the long game
11 June 2024

Our flagship equity fund is lagging the tech-heavy global index this year but is well-placed for the expansion of AI and a changeable market outlook.

SKAGEN Focus: Looking below the radar to find ESG’s future leaders
4 June 2024

Why neglected small-caps driving real-world changes can be the big winners of the green transition.

Global Stock Markets
CIO Update: Value’s time to shine?
28 May 2024

The latest round of inflation data appears to have reassured investors that interest rate cuts ...

Real Estate
The wait for lower interest rates goes on
13 May 2024

After a strong end to last year, listed real estate has had a more difficult start to 2024.

Active Management
SKAGEN Focus: Contrarian investors on a profitable path
7 May 2024

Our global small and mid-cap fund has won several international awards in recognition of its strong ...

News from skagen
Change to cutoff times as a result of new regulations
6 May 2024

As of 21 May 2024, there will be a change to the cutoff times for SKAGEN’s funds. This is a result ...

Awards and Prizes
SKAGEN Focus wins Lipper Fund Awards
30 April 2024

Top performing fund wins best global equity small and mid-cap category over five years.

Global Stock Markets
CIO Update: Is the market rally losing steam?
18 April 2024

Stock markets around the world broke records during the first quarter but economic and geopolitical ...

Emerging MarketsChinaSouth Korea
SKAGEN Kon-Tiki: Positioned for three key themes driving emerging markets in 2024
17 April 2024

Portfolio has over 70% invested in China, Korea and Brazil where positive changes are underway.  

Awards and Prizes
SKAGEN named Fund House of the Year 2023
4 April 2024

SKAGEN has won the prestigious Dutch award, the Golden Bull (Gouden Stier), in the category Fund ...

Emerging MarketsSouth Korea
Asia Engagement: Reflections from three dynamic emerging markets
3 April 2024

On a recent visit to South Korea, Vietnam and India, we discovered three very different cultures ...

Annual ESG Report: Investing for financial gain and sustainability
18 March 2024

While we do not claim to be able to slow climate change, we can say that when we invest and engage ...

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