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Client Servicing

At SKAGEN, all institutional clients are allocated their own dedicated client relationship manager with the aim of providing you with the best possible client communication and follow-up.

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Stock MarketsGlobal Stock Markets
Banking sector volatility: A SKAGEN Perspective
16 March 2023

The banking sector has been extremely volatile of late. What is SKAGEN's view of the turmoil and what is the risk of contagion? 

Annual ESG Report: Navigating a changeable landscape
16 March 2023

As the world grapples with the challenge of determining what constitutes sustainable investing, it ...

Equity FundsGlobal Stock Markets
SKAGEN Performance Update – A Mixed February
15 March 2023

Global equities declined in February as stubborn inflation data signalled further upward pressure ...

Emerging MarketsActive Management
Postcard From Brazil, Part II: Suzano – The Materials Giant
7 March 2023

One of the largest holdings in SKAGEN Kon-Tiki is the Brazilian materials company Suzano. As a ...

Emerging MarketsActive Management
SKAGEN Kon-Tiki update: A unique combination of EM value and quality
2 March 2023

Our global emerging market fund SKAGEN Kon-Tiki continues to outperform, driven by stock selection ...

Emerging MarketsActive Management
Postcard From Brazil: A Powerhouse of Potential
16 February 2023

SKAGEN Kon-Tiki Portfolio Managers, Fredrik Bjelland and Cathrine Gether, joined by Head of ESG, ...

Equity FundsGlobal Stock Markets
SKAGEN performance update: A strong January
13 February 2023

Global equities had a strong January on market optimism that the rapid rise in interest rates may ...

Active ManagementInvestment Philosophy
CIO Update: Survival of the fittest
27 January 2023

January is the month to get active both physically and financially – good stock picking will ensure ...

New Year's ConferenceEmerging Markets
Positive outlook for emerging markets
26 January 2023

"You have to dare to be contrarian and look for the really good bargains. That is where the great ...

New Year's Conference
Fiona Hill: On the political front line
27 December 2022

Having dined with Vladimir Putin, been adviser to a former US President and taken the witness stand ...

Global Stock MarketsInvestment Philosophy
Finding value in times of uncertainty
22 December 2022

We consider the advantages of an active, price-driven, contrarian and long-term investment strategy ...

New Year's Conference
Mark Mills: Daring to tread new ground
21 December 2022

It is typically measures such as wind, water and renewable energy that are at the core of the ...

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